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The cutest dog of a day + 7 photos with other cute animals

1. See how cute Pomeranian dogs are! This small pet looks like a toy. Probably, it's one of the cutest dog breed.

Cute Pomeranian dog

2. A cute puppy is laying on the blanket. This breed is called Golden Retriever.

Cute puppy  Golden Retriever is laying

3. A cute cat with amazingly beautiful blue eyes is laying in the open air.

Cute cat with beautiful blue eyes

4. Another one nice young dog with a charming look. Dogs are so cute animals...

Cute animal - dog

5. Look how wonderful this cute cat is. This cat breed is called Chartreux.

Cute cat Chartreux

6. A funny picture with an amusing surprised cat among the plants. 

Funny picture with a surprised cat

7. A very cute puppy is posing for a photo. This fluffy little pet is delightful.

Very cute puppy

8. A funny dog with incredible eyes.

Funny cute dog with incredible eyes