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It's like a funny cute cat is praying + 8 other cute animals pictures

1. A cute praying cat looks funny and amusing while sitting on the grass. This is British Silver Tabby cat.

Funny cute cat is praying - British Silver Tabby

2. A cute white puppy is sitting on the ground.

Cute white puppy is sitting on the ground

3. A funny red cat is laying under the blanket. Look at this amusing face.

Funny red cat is laying under the blanket

4. A very cute kitten with delightful eyes. This red young cat is so sweet...

Very cute kitten

5. An adorable fluffy puppy it thinking about something.

Fluffy cute puppy

6. A cute bunny is sitting on the grass near the Easter eggs.

Cute bunny near Easter eggs

7. A sweet little kitten looks a bit scared. And how cute this cat is!

Cute kitten looks a scared

8. And here we see a wonderful resting cat. Amazing eyes, isn't it?

Resting cute cat

9. This picture is further proof that cats are cute animals with attractive look. Even when they sleep.

Cute animal sleeps