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An admirable cute kitten + 8 pictures of other cute animals

1. An amusing and cute kitten shows a tongue while playing with a scratcher.

Cute kitten shows a tongue

2. A funny cute dog and soap bubbles. 

Funny cute dog and soap bubbles

3. An endearing cat with delightful blue eyes.

Cute cat with delightful blue eyes

4. A cute dog is watching straight at the camera.

Cute dog is watching

5. An admirable red cat with green eyes is posing for a photo.

Red cute cat with green eyes

6. This cute dog is ready to make some sport in the open air.

Cute dog - sport

7. Look how adorable this little kitten is! Young cats are so cute.

Little cute kitten

8. A very small kitten is laying in human hands. What a cute picture, isn't it?

Cute kitten in hands

9. Young white puppy is very cute too. This is Korean Jindo dog.

Cute puppy - Korean Jindo