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A very cute elephant baby + 9 photos with other cute animals

1. What a cute elephant baby!

Cute elephant baby

2. A cute cat with big yellow eyes. This cat breed is called Chartreux.

Cute cat Chartreux

3. A cute Husky dog with delightful blue eyes is sitting in the open air.

Cute Husky dog with blue eyes

4. A charming cute tiger shows a tongue.

Charming cute tiger

5. A cute little kitten looks a bit scared and helpless.

Cute kitten looks scared

6. A cute dog spends time outdoors and looks happy.

Cute dog in the grass

7. A fluffy cute dog looks so sweet.

Fluffy cute dog

8. A lovable cat is resting among the plants on the balcony.

Cute cat on the balcony

9. A cute fallow deer is posing for a photo in the forest.

Cute fallow deer in the forest

10. A very cute red cat is sleeping on a on the shoulder.

Cute cat on the shoulder