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A funny sleeping puppy on a pink blanket + 7 photos with other cute animals

1. A funny sleeping puppy is laying on a pink blanket.

Funny sleeping puppy

2. A cute parrot Macaw. It's like this colorful bird is posing for a photo.

Cute parrot Macaw

3. An amusing cute cat looks a bit surprised.

Cute cat looks a bit surprised

4. A cute puppy. This beautiful dog breed is called Golden Retriever.

Golden Retriever cute puppy

5. An admirable and cute white tiger is laying in the open air.

Cute white tiger is laying

6. A cute puppy is watching straight at the camera.

Cute puppy is watching

7. A picture with a funny cute goat.

Funny cute goat

8. Another one cute puppy - Golden retriever.

Cute puppy - Golden retriever