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A funny cute fox seems to laugh + 8 photos with other cute animals

1. It seems that this funny cute fox is laughing. What an amusing animal!

Funny cute fox is laughing

2. A cute monkey is resting on the grass.

Cute monkey is resting

3. An adorable cute cat with wonderful yellow eyes.

Cute cat with wonderful yellow eyes

4. A funny picture with a cute rabbit that shows a tongue.

Funny cute rabbit with a tongue

5. A nice photo with a beautiful tiger face.

Cute tiger face

6. An admirable ginger cat with delightful look.

Cute ginger cat with delightful look

7. Another one colorful picture with a cute cat that is sitting among green plants.

Cute cat among plants

8. A lovable Bernese Mountain puppy is sitting outdoors.

Cute Bernese Mountain puppy

9. An endearing dog is looking up. This dog breed is called Basset Hound.

Cute dog - Basset Hound