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A funny cute cat with a hat and a scarf + 7 photos with other cute animals

1. A funny cute cat is wearing hat and a scarf. And he is sleeping so peacefully.

Funny cute cat is wearing hat

2. A white cute Golden Retriever puppy.

White cute Golden Retriever puppy

3. A wonderful face of a cute lion. 

Face of a cute lion

4. A shy and cute poodle is spending time in the open air.

Shy and cute poodle

5. A cute and beautiful Blue Tit bird is sitting on the on a branch.

Cute Blue Tit bird

6. A delightful dog is looking somewhere while sitting outdoors.

Cute dog outdoors

7. A cute Rockhopper penguin. What an interesting animal!

Cute Rockhopper penguin

8. A cute tiger looks amazing. Wild cats are so cute animals...

Cute tiger looks amazing