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A funny and cute Chihuahua looks smiley + 9 pictures of other cute animals

1. A funny cute white dog looks smiley and happy. This is Chihuahua dog

Funny cute Chihuahua

2. A cute husky dog with different eyes is laying in the grass.

Cute husky dog with different eyes

3. A picture with an adorable and cute snow leopard.

Adorable and cute snow leopard

4. A cute cat with different hair colors.

Cute cat with different hair colors

5. A wonderful thoughtful tiger looks cute too.

Thoughtful tiger looks cute

6. An admirable and lovable Schnauzer dog is sitting in the open air.

Cute Schnauzer dog

7. A cute cat is sleeping on the couch.

Cute cat is sleeping on the couch

8. A beautiful and cute green parrot is sitting on a human hand.

Cute green parrot

9. A cute dog is posing for a photo in the grass.

Cute dog in the grass

10. A cute young dog outdoors. This dog breed is called Bernese Mountain dog.

Cute dog Bernese Mountain