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A funny and cute Chihuahua is laying on the grass + 7 photos of other cute animals

1. A cute Chihuahua is resting on the grass in a funny position. What an amusing little dog!

Funny cute Chihuahua is resting

2. A beautiful squirrel is climbing on the tree. This is a very cute animal, really.

Cute squirrel is climbing

3. An cute monkey baby is sitting on parent's back.

Cute monkey baby

4. A scared kitten is hiding under the blanket. However, this young cat is so cute.

Scared cute kitten

5. A endearing white horse is thinking about something.

Cute white horse

6. A cute cat with amazing blue eyes looks surprised.

Surprised cute cat

7. An admirable tiger is laying in the open air.

Cute tiger is laying

8. Two cute pigs are sitting together. Pigs are so admirable animals...

Two cute pigs