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A cute Thai kitten with sneakers + 7 pictures with other cute animals

1. A cute Thai kitten is playing with sneakers's shoelaces.

Cute Thai kitten is playing

2. It's like a cute lion cub is posing for a photo.

Cute lion cub is posing

3. An adorable little kitten is sleeping so peacefully on a pink towel.

Cute kitten on a pink towel

4. A cute grey squirrel is holding something tasty in paws.

Cute grey squirrel

5. Look how charming and wonderful this cat is!

Charming and cute cat

6. A beautiful cute bird is sitting on the branch.

Beautiful cute bird

7. An admirable tiger is watching straight at the camera.

Cute tiger is watching straight

8. A funny and cute cat is laughing... or yawning.

Funny cute cat is laughing or yawning