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A cute tabby kitten is sleeping + 8 other animals photos

1. Look at this cute tabby kitten that is sleeping on blue jeans, how nice this young cat is.

Cute tabby kitten

2. A cute white hedgehog is sitting in a human hand.

Cute white hedgehog

3. An amazing colorful Indian bird on the stone.

Colorful and cute Indian bird

4. A cute red fox is walking in the open air.

Cute red fox is walking

5. An adorable husky dog with awesome different eyes.

Cute husky dog with awesome eyes

6. An admirable and beautiful tiger looks serious.

Beautiful and cute tiger

7. A sweet and cute little puppy is laying on the red plaid.

Cute puppy on the plaid

8. A cute cat with endearing green eyes is sitting outdoors.

Cute cat with green eyes

9. A delectable cute puppy. This delightful breed is called Golden Retriever.

Cute puppy Golden Retriever breed