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A cute Samoyed puppy + 7 photos with other cute animals to perk you up

1. A lovable and cute Samoyed puppy is sitting on the grass.

Cute Samoyed puppy

2. A colorful cute parrot is staying on one leg.

Colorful cute parrot

3. An amazing and nice Mastiff dog is laying on the grass.

Cute Mastiff dog

4. A cute little kitten probably is thinking about something important.

Cute kitten is thinking

5. A great tiger looks very strong and serious.

Great tiger looks serious

6. A cute little Chihuahua with an endearing hat.

Cute Chihuahua in a hat

7. Another one nice picture with a cute home cat.

Cute home cat

8. A cute ginger cat is sleeping so peacefully... How adorable cats are!

Cute ginger cat is sleeping