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A cute puppy Chihuahua + 6 pictures with cute puppies and kittens

1. A cute Chihuahua puppy with a tennis ball. This young dog is 2 months old.

Cute puppy Chihuahua with a ball

2. A cute puppy looks a bit confused. This is Coton de Tulear dog. An adorable breed, isn't it?

Cute puppy Coton de Tulear

3. What a delightful kitten... It seems that this young cute cat is talking to somebody.

Delightful cute kitten

4. And this is amazing Shetland Sheepdog breed. A cute fluffy puppy...

Cute puppy Shetland Sheepdog

5. A charming white kitten is trying to climb. Cats are very cute animals...

White cute kitten

6. An lovable puppy is laying in the grass. Just look how cute this young pet is.

Cute puppy is laying in the grass

7. A very young cute puppy is sleeping in human hands. A really wonderful moment...

Cute puppy is sleeping in human hands