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A cute puppy and kitten + 8 other cute animals pictures to bring your mood up

1. A cute puppy is hugging a little kitten. What a lovely picture...

Cute puppy is hugging a little kitten

2. A cute dog looks a bit smiley. He is so nice and admirable.

Cute dog looks a bit smiley

3. A funny and cute dog is posing for a picture in the open air.

Funny cute dog is posing for a picture

4. A cute gray rabbit is sitting on the grass. This adorable animal looks so nice.

Cute rabbit on the grass

5. This small kitten is so sad... and so cute.

Sad cute kitten

6. Look at these amazing yellow eyes of this cute cat that is sitting on the chair outdoors. 

Cute cat with yellow eyes

7. A cute Husky lays on the floor and shows a tongue. It's a beautiful dog, isn't it?

Cute Husky with a tongue

8. A delightful cat is spending time in the open air among plants.

Cute cat among plants

9. An admirable cute squirrel with a beautiful fluffy tail.

Cute squirrel with a fluffy tail