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A cute pug in the park + 7 other cute animals photos

1. A smiley cute dog is walking in the summer park. This dog breed is called Pug.

Smiley cute dog Pug

2. A wonderful and cute owl with amazing eyes.

Cute owl with amazing eyes

3. A cute squirrel is eating something tasty. Nature created a really adorable animal.

Cute squirrel is eating

4. A cute puppy is laying on the grass with a ball. This is Golden Retriever and he looks a bit sad.

Cute puppy Golden Retriever

5. Another one sad animal... But this white cat is so cute! Just look how beautiful these blue eyes are.

Cute cat with blue eyes

6. This cutie is Eastern Bluebird. Look at these amazing colors.

Cute bird Eastern Bluebird

7. What a beautiful gray cat... This pet is wonderful.

Gray cute cat is resting

8. Adorable elephants are staying together.

Cute elephants are staying together