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A cute pug dog with a funny face + 7 pictures with other cute animals of a day

1. A cute pug dog with a funny face is laying on a white blanket.

Cute pug dog with a funny face

2. A cute tiger cub is resting and looking somewhere.

Cute tiger cub is resting

3. A wonderful black dog is spending time in the open air.

Cute black dog

4. A cute small dog. This charming dog breed is called Dwarf Spaniel.

Cute Dwarf Spaniel

5. And this is a cute animal with a long name - Golden mantled ground squirrel.

Cute Golden mantled ground squirrel

6. Another one cute dog on a picture.

7. A cute red parrot, a really amazing bird.

Cute red parrot

8. A cute black puppy is sitting on the grass in sunny weather.

Cute black puppy