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A cute kitten is laying on a blue carpet + 7 other cute kittens

1. Look how cute this little kitten is! He is laying on a blue carpet and he has a ball of yarn instead of a pillow.

Cute kitten with a ball of yarn

2. A funny and cute kitten probably is planning something.

Funny and cute kitten

3. Two cute red kittens are sitting together. They look so amazing...

Two cute red kittens

4. And this cutie looks a bit confused. What a cute animal...

Cute kitten is confused

5. Two adorable kittens are spending their time in the basket.

Two cute kittens in the basket

6. A small cute kitten is peeping at you. How sweet this young cat is!

Cute kitten is peeping at you

7. A lovable white kitten is laying among other cats.

White cute kitten is laying

8. A delightful young cat is looking at something interesting.

Cute young cat is looking