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A cute kitten in the grass + 7 other cute animals pictures

1. A little cute kitten is walking in the grass.

Cute kitten is walking

2. A funny cute white tiger is laying and showing a tongue.

Funny cute white tiger shows a tongue

3. A cute pug is sitting on the grass. This pet looks a bit sad.

Cute pug on the grass

4. A wonderful young rabbit is sitting outdoors. What a cute animal...

Young cute rabbit

5. A endearing cute cat is looking straight at the camera.

Endearing cute cat

6. An amazingly cute cat with beautiful blue eyes. This cat breed is called Ragdoll. 

Cute cat Ragdoll

7. Another one cute cat is sitting in a human hand. It's a really wonderful breed, isn't it?

Cute cat in a human hand

8. A sad looking cat, however, looks cute and lovable...

Cute cat looks a bit sad