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A cute kitten in the basket + 9 photos of other cute animals

1. A cute kitten shows a tongue while sitting in the basket.

Cute kitten shows a tongue in the basket

2. A charming and cute little kitten with a nice look.

Cute little kitten with a nice look

3. A wonderful and cute red panda in the zoo.

Cute red panda in the zoo

4. A serious lion face looks cute and amazing.

Serious lion face looks cute

5. A beautiful cute parrot that is called Rose-ringed parakeet.

Cute parrot Rose ringed parakeet

6. A cute tiger cub is sitting in the open air.

Cute tiger cub in the open air

7. A charming cat's face with green eyes.

Charming cat face with green eyes

8. Another one cute cat outdoors.

Cute cat outdoors

9. A fluffy cute Chihuahua dog is resting outdoors.

Cute Chihuahua dog is resting

10. A cute dog with a stick looks happy outdoors.

Cute dog with a stick looks happy