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A cute kitten - British short hair + 8 other cute animals pictures to bring your mood up

1. A surprised cute kitten. This is British short hair cat.

British short hair cute kitten

2. A fluffy cute cat is laying on the floor. This pet is so amazing.

Fluffy cute cat is laying

3. A wonderful and cute puppy is playing with a stick.

Cute puppy is playing with a stick

4. A delectable Yorkshire Terrier is laying with Easter eggs in the open air.

Cute Yorkshire Terrier and Easter eggs

5. A small cute kitten is sleeping so peacefully...

Cute kitten is sleeping so peacefully

6. Have you ever seen a happy dog? Here it is! What a cute animal...

Happy cute dog

7. An adorable and cute cat with wonderful eyes is trying to sleep.

Cute cat with wonderful eyes

8. An amazing tiger is resting. What a great wild animal...

Amazing and cute tiger

9. An admirable and cute puppy is resting too. Small animals are so lovable.

Cute puppy is resting