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A cute Golden Retriever puppy + 7 cute animals pictures to lift your mood

1. A cute puppy is laying on the grass. This dog breed is called Golden Retriever. They are amazing!

Cute puppy Golden Retriever

2. An adorable puppy is sitting on the carpet. He is so cute, isn't he?

Cute puppy is sitting on the carpet

3. A lovable and cute kitten explores the outside world. A really beautiful picture.

Cute kitten explores the outside world

4. The cutest puppy among all of this day. Wonderful eyes are really awesome.

cutest puppy with awesome eyes

5. A delightful sleeping kitten. This young cat is so adorable and nice.

Cute sleeping kitten

6. A funny picture with a dog that jumps. An interesting moment for a photo.

Funny cute dog that jumps

7. One more cute and admirable Golden Retriever dog with a toy.

Cute Golden Retriever dog

8. Angry and cute cat. His yellow eyes are something incredibly wonderful...

Cute cat with yellow eyes