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A cute Corgi Pembroke puppy + 8 other animals pictures to get you in the mood

1. A cute puppy - Corgi Pembroke. This young pet looks sad and adorable.

Cute puppy  Corgi Pembroke

2. A little cute kitten is watching at you.

Little cute kitten

3. A cute green parrot is called Ring Necked Parakeet.

Cute parrot - Ring Necked Parakeet

4. An amazing lion shows a tongue, but he looks very focused.

Cute lion shows a tongue

5. A lovable white dog makes you want to pet him.

Cute white dog

6. A cute cat with delightful blue eyes is looking somewhere.

Cute cat with delightful blue eyes

7. A great tiger is laying in the water.

Cute tiger in the water

8. A wonderful smiley dolphin looks so cute...

Smiley cute dolphin

9. A very beautiful Indian bird with delectable colors is sitting on the tree branch.

Cute Indian bird