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A cute Christmas puppy in a red Santa scarf + 7 other cute animals pictures

1. This is a cute Pomeranian Spitz puppy in a red santa scarf. What an adorable Christmas puppy!

Cute Christmas puppy  Pomeranian Spitz

2. A cute white puppy, this admirable dog breed is called Coton de Tulear.

Cute puppy  Coton de Tulear

3. An endearing tiger is laying on the ground in the open air.

Cute tiger is laying on the ground

4. A lovable and cute goat is watching straight at you.

Cute goat is watching at you

5. A nice Golden Retriever dog is playing outdoors.

Cute Golden Retriever dog is playing

6. A cute Husky dog with amazing blue eyes is laying on the grass.

Cute Husky dog with blue eyes

7. A charming ginger cat is sitting in the grass.

Cute ginger cat in the grass

8. A wonderful dog is posing for a photo in the open air.

Wonderful cute dog is posing