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A cute Chihuahua puppy on a hand + 7 Pictures of other cute animals

1. A nice picture with a small cute Chihuahua puppy that is sitting on a hand.

Small cute Chihuahua puppy

2. A charming and cute tiger face.

Charming and cute tiger face

3. A delectable cute Chihuahua puppy looks so endearing.

Cute Chihuahua puppy looks so endearing

4. A small cute monkey baby with a parent.

Small cute monkey baby

5. A beautiful bird looks so colorful and awesome.

Beautiful bird looks so colorful

6. A cute Siamese cat with amazingly blue eyes.

Cute Siamese cat with amazingly blue eyes

7. A wonderful owl has such interesting eyes.

Owl has such interesting eyes

8. A cute cat is laying on the floor.

Cute cat is laying on the floor