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A cute Chihuahua puppy in the grass + 6 pictures with other cute animals to perk you up

1. A cute Chihuahua puppy is laying in the grass. What a cute animal!

Cute Chihuahua puppy

2. A cute Martin Fisher bird. Look how colorful this bird is!

Cute Martin Fisher bird

3. A sleepy cute leopard looks great.

Sleepy cute leopard

4. A cute puppy is only three months old. This breed is Golden Retriever.

Golden Retriever  cute puppy

5. A charming cute cat is watching at the camera.

Charming cute cat

6. Look at this adorable and lovely rabbit... This little pet is so cute.

Lovely cute rabbit

7. And this cute dog breed is Pyrenean Mountain Dog.

Cute dog Pyrenean Mountain