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A cute British kitten smells a flower + 9 pictures of other cute animals

1. A cute British kitten with blue eyes is smelling a flower.

Cute British kitten smells a flower

2. A fluffy cute dog is resting on the grass.

Fluffy cute dog is resting

3. Two adorable kittens see something interesting.

Cute kittens see something

4. A cute running dog in the open air.

Cute running dog

5. A beautiful great tiger gets closer...

Beautiful great tiger gets closer

6. A cute young cat is sitting in the basket.

Cute young cat in the basket

7. A sweet Guinea Pig looks so endearing.

Cute Guinea Pig looks endearing

8. Another one funny and cute running dog.

Funny cute running dog

9. A very black cute cat, probably you  only see the eyes.

Black cute cat

10. A small cute kitten with big ears.

Small cute kitten with big ears