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8 Funny animals with glasses will get you in the mood

A funny Alpaca looks cool in those glasses.

8 Funny animals with glasses

A cute funny dog is like a rockstar in those sunglasses.

Cute funny dog in sunglasses

A cute dog with sunglasses is spending time outdoors.

Cute dog with sunglasses

A funny dog with a happy-looking face is wearing sunglasses too.

Funny dog is wearing sunglasses

A funny picture with a cute cat. He is resting and looking nice in those glasses.

Funny cat in glasses

A funny dog with intelligent eyes. These glasses work wonders.

Funny dog in glasses

What a cutie! All those jewelleries definitely suit this lovely dog.

Cute dog in blue glasses

A big red dog is sleeping with glasses, he is so funny.

Funny dog sleeps with glasses